We each had our own cliques in school. Berry was with the theater department.  Carrot was always more interested in math and the like. Me? Well, I’ve had an interest in flight and  tended to hang with the aeronautics students.


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Now for the cameos in this one.

Duet belongs to amodwithoutamark

Gear courtesy of alexmichanikos


And Storm Chaser whose owner I can’t remember. >_< I was stupid and didn’t save the owners when I saved the reference pictures. I’m so sorry!))

You guys really have no idea how often we get asked if we’re the actual owners. Maddening and tiring I tell you. How it all came about? Well, that’s a somewhat long story. 

It all goes back to high school. We were all friends, but we each had our separate groups we tended to hang out with…


(Cameos by asklightking and HawaiiPony)

My gosh, she's rather adorable! She's come a long way since then?

Oh, Ruby’s come a very long way since those pictures were taken! She still hates it when we show them off though. She’s a good kid, maybe too serious at times. 

Phfft, actually you’d think with her attitude that she’d be Carrot’s kid and not Berry’s. Dinky’s kinda the same way. She some times acts more like Berry than she does her mom!


Berry punch what is your favorite hobbies when not answering questions

You’ve just missed Berry on that one, sorry. But I can answer that! She loves to play with Ruby when she’s not working. They like to play in the park on the weekends. Fly kites, toss frisbees, that kind of stuff.

Sometimes she’ll go with Evening and Minuette into Canterlot to see a musical performance or a play. She’s never really let go of that actress dream.


I’m going to go dunk my head in water or something.



Something that’s come up a few times has been ponies wondering if all three of us are related. We’re not, I just want to get that out.

Berry and myself are twins and Carrot’s a very good friend of ours from school, though we act like we’re all sisters at times. Even Carrot’s daughter, Dinky, calls Berry and myself “aunt”. Ruby does the same with Carrot.

I hope that clears up the confusion there.


I think you guys might have overloaded her a bit there. A couple of those are some rather odd drink requests. 


Well, her baby pictures are deadly weapons. So have some fillyhood pictures. Just remember, you asked for this. 


PS. She hates it when I show how silly she was as a little filly.

(Today’s asker: asksteelstrings)

I’m actually afraid of how he might act if we actually gave him anything hard. I’ve never seen anyone get as drunk off the atmosphere that easily before.


That little mane accessory you have is quite cute. Do you have others?

Nope. I’m glad you think it’s cute though. Both the hairclips and scrunchy were presents from Ruby a few years ago for Mother’s Day.